Welcome to Tiny Knot Co.

We’re not just a baby pajama brand; we’re your friendly partner in raising your little ones sustainably and stylishly.

Picture this:

Snuggly pajamas that are not just soft and durable but also incredibly sustainable. Our TENCEL Modal baby pajamas are designed with your baby’s comfort and convenience in mind. They’re buttery soft, sustainable and perfect for snuggles.

But it’s not just about the clothes;

It’s about the love and care we infuse into each stitch. Our prints and patterns? Hand-drawn by moms. We’ve even come up with a patent-pending headband design that banishes those uncomfortable marks.

And guess what makes us even happier?

For every item you purchase, we’re on a mission to end childhood hunger. We donate a portion of our profits to No Kid Hungry, making sure that every purchase you make provides 10 wholesome meals to those in need. So, when you shop with us, you’re not just buying adorable baby wear; you’re contributing to a cause that warms our hearts.

Tiny Knot Co. isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement.

We’re here to redefine the way parents shop for their little bundles of joy. Sustainability isn’t a compromise here; it’s our backbone. In a world bustling with fast fashion, we’re here to offer a kinder, softer choice. Join us on this journey – where every stitch is made with love and care, for your little one and for the world we share.

Meet The Founder

Meet Tina Ramaci, the heart and soul behind Tiny Knot Co. Becoming a parent was like stepping into a whirlwind of baby products, and she found yearning for something more – something that blended comfort, style, and sustainability seamlessly. That’s where Tiny Knot Co. sprouted from. One night, as she cradled her daughter in her arms, she felt the softness of her pajamas against her skin, and the idea struck her. Every baby deserves this level of comfort, wrapped in clothing that’s not only cozy but also ethically made and kind to our planet. And just like that, the vision for Tiny Knot Co. was born – a brand that champions sustainability without compromising on snuggles.